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Advertising and Promotion of Website URL

Where to include your web address

  • Include URL on business cards, letterhead, signage, vehicles
  • Flyers, posters and door-hangers
  • Business and personal email signatures
  • Email friends, enemies, customers, potential customers to announce site
  • Enter site in free online directories
  • Add website URL to all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Refer to site URL in brochures, advertisements, yellow pages ads
  • Employee name tags and uniforms
  • Advise people to “check site for the latest info”
  • Exchange links with similar organizations
  • Mention site in phone calls and during meetings
  • Add web address to greeting cards to customers
  • Include URL on all promotional items: pens, magnets, notepads, t-shirts, etc.
  • Have “Web Specials” with more details on your site.
  • … other ideas?
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    Website Pages – Contact Us & Directions to Location

    Don’t spend alot of time convincing prospects that you have the best products or services known to man, but then forgetting to make it easy to get in touch!  Display your contact info prominently throughout the site, but add a contact page with all of your info and show a map to help them find your physical location.

    Contact Us
    Make it easy for people to contact you! If you are not selling items directly online, this is the most important page to drive traffic to. List all possible ways to contact your company, including phone, email, fax, Twitter, LinkedIn, mailing address, physical address and office hours. If you have several departments, provide instructions for contacting each to prevent confusion. read more

    Website Pages – Products & Services

    Your home page should motivate visitors to click through to the particular product, service or contact page to they can successfully find the solution to their specific need or problem. Depending on how many categories you have, there may be one overview page or simply links to any category of interest. That Products/Services page needs to contain enough info to drive them to "buy now" or contact you.

    Website pages – About & News

    There are many possible secondary pages that can help close the deal for visitors to contact you or request information.  “About Us” isn’t critical to your product or service, but the information you include can help to set you apart from the competition or give visitors “another” reason to contact you.  Stand out from the crowd and explain what makes you special!

    About Us
    This page (aka “About Us” or “Our Company”) may include any kind of background information to make visitors more comfortable with you. Company history, mission statement, introduction of staff members, awards and honors, or explanation of what separates you from the competition. On the surface, you may provide similar products or services as others, but certain secondary facts displaying your unique qualities can close the deal. Maybe you assist a charity that’s important to some potential clients.  Maybe you’ve won an award.  Maybe you have a unique certification. read more

    Submit links to directories and search engines


    Link building is a important for achieving greater page rank in search engines. Along with quality content, search engines view inbound links as proof that your site is valuable to visitors. In other words, if lots of sites link to yours, your site must have worthwhile information, since in affect, they are citing you as an authority or a reference.

    Free Directory Submissions
    Directories are the logical place to start your link building campaign. They are happy to post your site to build their list or relevant results. Submit your site to as many web directories as you can. You can later refresh your information by re-submitting it, especially if content has changed. Free directories can take weeks, or even months to include your site. It is only necessary to submit your home (index) page.
    Start with Google, Yahoo, MSN and the Open Directory. read more