Search Engine Optimization includes all methods of attaining a higher rank in search engines and directories such as Google and Yahoo!

Wilmington Delaware Business Directory

Wilmington Delaware Directory

Submit your business to local directories to get more website visitors, but also to improve your website rank in google, bing and yahoo. You can add your company profile to important online directories including Google+, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Manta, Superpages, and many more. You may also find a directory for your own city, or town that can give valuable exposure. For example, in New Castle County, DE, submit to my upgraded Wilmington Delaware Directory for free! read more

Basic Website Tips

Website development

What Makes a Great Website?

If you’re building your own site to save money, either with web-publishing software or with an online site builder, make it attractive. But don’t forget critical elements (often invisible) that are necessary to bring in traffic. Finally, what you have must be functional to make it easy for visitors so they don’t leave without reading what you had to offer!

10 Steps Toward a Successful Website

  1. Establish a concise list of objectives. What is your main goal?
  2. Understand the target audience.
    What information do they need, and how fast? Will graphics or video help?
  3. Provide quality content and keep it concise.
    It must immediately convey it’s purpose, or visitors will leave.
  4. Develop a site map based on a logical sequence to display information.
  5. Keep the visitor in mind when developing a navigation scheme.
    The flow from page to page should be logical and consistent.
  6. Utilize multimedia features if they aid communication.
    Mouse rollovers, animated images, sound, etc. can reinforce the text.
  7. Make it Search Engine friendly (Google friendly!). Appropriate title, SEO keywords and META tags are essential to generating traffic.
  8. Maintain the site on a regular basis to keep it fresh and give visitors a reason to return.
  9. Integrate the site with other components of your marketing plan.
  10. Work with a professional developer who has an understanding of both technological and marketing aspects.           More Web Design and SEO tips!

Keep Your Site Working Hard

Your business has a website because it’s a cost-effective way to supplement advertising to prospects and to maintain contact with customers. Include the web address in all marketing material, correspondence, signage, and phone directory ads. You want your site to be more attractive and more user-friendly than the websites of your competition. You’re happy with the design, structure and your marketing video. But once the site is online, it can be all too easy to neglect a key ingredient—your content! read more

Submit to Directories & Social Media

Webmaster Ray now offers an inexpensive Directory Submission Service to increase your visibility on the internet and help improve search engine rank!

Use our service to submit your site to 50+ popular directories to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google rank. Increase website traffic and easily update all listings at once, anytime on the major platforms.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords

Top 20 SEO Tips

Domain Name (URL) or website name should use “search terms”.

Page titles appear on browser bar. Brief, keyword heavy descriptions (4-8 words). Each page should highlight different “terms”.
No “Welcome to my website” or other superfluous headings!

Invite Robots! META tag   Some engines use robots to “crawl” the web and through your entire website periodically to check for updates. read more

Reciprocal links and link exchange

Any inbound link is a good one, but there is a wide difference in their quality.  One link from a respected, popular website may be worth more than ten links from low-ranking or poor quality sites.

Reciprocal Links: friends and associates
Trade links with business associates and anyone else you know with a website. Contact fellow members of associations, your chamber of commerce, social organizations, or any group you’re part of. Place links to each others’ sites since you already know and trust them. Maybe you’ll be allowed a longer description or preferred page placement because of your relationship. read more

Link Building – creating inbound links

To link or not to link, that is the question!  In general, the more the merrier, however some links can harm your site’s “reputation” if they are in a bad neighborhood.

Avoid questionable link building strategies
Be careful!  If you see a link building opportunity that appears suspicious, ignore it. You could be wasting your time or even risk having your site penalized for significant periods of time by search engines. It’s up to you to verify legitimacy and value of any agreements.  read more

Submit links to directories and search engines


Link building is a important for achieving greater page rank in search engines. Along with quality content, search engines view inbound links as proof that your site is valuable to visitors. In other words, if lots of sites link to yours, your site must have worthwhile information, since in affect, they are citing you as an authority or a reference.

Free Directory Submissions
Directories are the logical place to start your link building campaign. They are happy to post your site to build their list or relevant results. Submit your site to as many web directories as you can. You can later refresh your information by re-submitting it, especially if content has changed. Free directories can take weeks, or even months to include your site. It is only necessary to submit your home (index) page.
Start with Google, Yahoo, MSN and the Open Directory. read more

Internal and external page links

Abide by ‘best practices’ for linking within a website and to other internet resources. Use appropriate colors, underlining, Anchor text and code to receive the most value.

Links must be obvious
Make internal and external links apparent (blue, underlined) and stand out from the rest of the text on page. If links are bold, make them a different color than other bold text. Roll-over effects such as lighting up are very helpful. It’s wise to include internal links within page text in addition to those in the navigation menu. It facilitates visitors finding the specific details they seek. read more