Is Social Media Marketing Worthwhile?

Do you invest time or money in Social Media marketing or direct Facebook ads?
How can you decide where to best spend for the best results?

Listen to this Podcast that I’m featured on for answers:

Listen to “Ray Christensen, Webmaster “Social Media Marketing – Is It Worth the Time & Money” on Spreaker.

My friend and client Ronda Cobb is a money coach in Toledo, Ohio and broadcasts a weekly podcast on iHeart Radio. Each show focuses on one financial topic for business owners and individuals trying to improve their budget. read more

Marketing Videos Increase Conversion Rate

Video Marketing brings results for any business or organization seeking attention, sales, or more members. People like videos – especially short ones. Google likes videos so much that they own YouTube. The most shared Facebook posts are ones displaying a brief video.

By incorporating images, voiceover, captions and energizing background music you’ll keep the attention of viewers. Your prospects are much more likely to watch a 30-45 second video than to read paragraphs of text. You’re saving them time since a picture is worth a thousand words and you can fit many photos in even the most concise video. read more

Top 21 Reasons for a Website in 2019

Website marketing

A website is essential to ANY business since it can be referenced in ANY marketing or advertising, thereby greatly leveraging your time and money. Even a brief Facebook Ad or Google PPC Ad can lead to your site for complete details. Customers can share it with friends to motivate your new prospect to call or email. A simple email link can lead to everything there is to know about your company and how you can help. read more

SSL Certificates Required by Google Chrome

wordpress website security

This is a very important post for any business, organization or individual with a website. Starting now (October 2017), most sites will display a “Not Secure” warning in Google Chrome browser (and eventually others) if they have not upgraded from “http” to “https”. In particular, the warning will appear if information is collected in any of the following ways: read more

Webmaster Ray’s Bio

Wordpress website security

I tell prospective website and mobile app clients that Attraction LLC is different from other web designers in that I create sites from a business perspective, rather than from an overly technical or artistic perspective. That’s why I believe that my product will be more beneficial. The bottom line is what matters: attracting traffic, generating interest, and selling your products or services! Our goal is to give you an online presence that brings results! read more

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Delaware mobile apps

Bring your customers back for repeat business!
Mobile Apps offer small businesses an inexpensive tool to compete with larger competitors and national chains. For a small, fixed monthly marketing budget item, you’ll see results and your customers will feel more connected to you.

Download Attraction LLC App
I created an app that I use to demonstrate most of the available 20+ features that can be included for as little as $59/month plus the affordable one-time set-up cost. On your smartphone, download Attraction app or call me to set up a time for a live demo. You’ll score your first reward in my loyalty program, just for downloading it. That’s a great sample of how you can entice your own customers to see the value in downloading your app. But you’ll need to publicize it by having a page similar to mine on your website, along with prominent links on Home page or all pages to download your app. I create that page for my clients, along with a poster that they can display in their storefront window, at their front desk, handed out directly, or even emailed. Some examples of what you’d highlight: read more

Celebrate with Webmaster Ray at Free Networking Event


My Attraction Web Design business turned 10 years old last Fall. New Castle County Chamber of Commerce has been a great supporter and offered to celebrate with a ribbon-cutting at their building.

I invite you to join me this Thursday 7/21 3:00-5:00pm for networking, appetizers (Sherm’s Catering), and drink — soft drinks, sorry no beer ;-(     However, the room will be decorated with a sampling of my beer bottle collection. read more

Smartphone apps

Mobile Apps for Smartphones in Wilmington Delaware

Boost your customer retention with your own smartphone app! Attraction LLC now offers mobile apps to businesses in Wilmington, Delaware and across the USA! Your customers always have their smartphones, so you’ll always be just a tap away!

80% of online browsing time is on a smartphone!

89% of customers prefer mobile app to mobile website!

Mobile Apps are no longer just for “large” businesses. Contact Webmaster Ray for an incredible low monthly cost for your own custom app! read more