About Webmaster Ray

Webmaster Ray builds custom websites

We create sites from a business perspective, rather than from an overly technical or artistic perspective. Our goal is to give you an internet presence that accomplishes what you want and brings results! Based in Wilmington, Delaware, we work with clients throughout the USA!

Mission Statement:
To provide the best possible, customer-centered, quality web design service at the lowest possible cost.

With a background including operations and retail management, direct sales and organizational development, former Naval Officer Ray Christensen focuses on getting the job done right! Your bottom line is what’s important.

Professional Experience & Personal Service

You’ll receive prompt, personal service from a top web designer in Wilmington, Delaware. The idea is to make your point by grabbing visitors’ attention and presenting information clearly and concisely. Just as we will not confuse you with unnecessary and expensive features, your site will make it as easy as possible for your prospects to take action. The goal is to have them contact you or request your product or service.

Webmaster Ray in 2002

Webmaster Ray back in 2002

Most designers are from a technical background (such as computer science) or an artistic background (such as graphic design). They may build a site with flash movies and high-tech graphics but leave out most important features such as search engine optimization (SEO) to attract visitors to your site in the first place.

Or your site may be pretty and unique, but so complicated that visitors lose their way or get confused with the navigation.

With Attraction, your site layout is clear and it’s easy for prospects to find what they need. Our low prices can include:

  • Pages you can update with news items, weekly specials, or announcements.
  • Slideshows to showcase your products or samples of your work.
  • Shopping Carts to sell items online via credit card.
  • Contact forms with options for customers to better explain what they seek.
  • Video clips that you furnish to help tell your story.

Referrals earn you free maintenance time!

Our previous site layouts
We re-designed the Attraction Website Design site in 2008 & 2015. The original site had been in existence since the 20th century.

Ray is a marathon runner and has designed several fitness related and running websites. He’ll go the extra mile for you!

Attraction Web Design


Webmaster Ray of Wilmington DE


Original 2011 Marketing Video


The video at left includes websites created prior to Webmaster Ray switching from hand-coded HTML to the WordPress platform. WordPress allows greater flexibility, including mobile-responsive websites and the ability for clients to edit the main text area of every page on their site to save on web maintenance costs.

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