Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Higher Rankings

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to methods of generating higher organic rankings in Search Engines (or SERPs) to increase website visitor traffic.

The most important SEO factors are page content (with correct mix of keywords), page title tags, quality and quantity of inbound links, navigational structure and design. Because of it’s importance in generating traffic, and thereby sales or interest, SEO is a specialty of Attraction Website Design. We incorporate it into every site we build since a high natural rank in Google, Yahoo or Bing means success!

Content and Keyword Density

Page content (text) is the most important factor taken into account by Search Engines. You must have the words on the page that people are searching for. It is also helpful to incorporate those keywords in the page title. When these terms are repeated throughout the page, the search engine robots give more credit, due to the higher keyword density.

Take caution in over-use of words, since this “keyword Spam” can be penalized by search engines. It is best to consider information that the human visitor is searching for, rather than trying to fool the robots or spiders. Use of keywords in header tags, bold, and italics can add additional weight to improve your results.

Google SEO Tips for Startups (10 minutes)

Inbound Links Improve Page Rank

Link building is another vital ingredient in SEO. More links pointing towards your site tells the SERPs that your site is popular, and thereby must contain valuable information. Google especially places emphasis on the quality and number of links from other websites. It is best for the other site to have similar content and for the link to appear on a page with strong rank. The linking page should also not have too many links on it or else they will dilute each others’ quality.

It takes time and patience to “build links” but Attraction Website Design can help you select the best possible SEO package for your website to move to a higher position in the search engines!

Navigation and Page Structure

General design of the underlying page code is another factor, invisible to people, but not ignored by search engine robots. Streamline page code by using external Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and external javascript files so that a greater percentage (density) of the HTML code is actual content. Use of image alt tags (text description) is helpful.

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