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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords

Top 20 SEO Tips

Domain Name (URL) or website name should use “search terms”.
      Samples: AcademicConnectionsTutoring.com   BestNetworkMarketingMLM.com

Page titles appear on browser bar. Brief, keyword heavy descriptions (4-8 words). Each page should highlight different “terms”.
No “Welcome to my website” or other superfluous headings!

Invite Robots! META tag   Some engines use robots to “crawl” the web and through your entire website periodically to check for updates. read more

Keywords bring traffic

Provide quality content, including the specific keywords that visitors are looking for. 

Keywords and content are the most important factors for your pages to rank high in search engines (at no expense to you).  Make it easier for people to find you by incorporating the words and phrases they’re searching for.  Short paragraphs and bullet points are easiest to glance over. 

Keyphrases are strings of words typed into search engines to produce more relevant results.  If someone is looking for a pest control service in Denver, they may punch in “pest control Denver”, so if you own such a company in that area, you want those words to appear in the text of your home page. read more

Content is King for Websites

As a website owner, you must give your visitors what they want.
The main goal of your website is to “sell” your products, services or ideas.  An eCommerce (Shopping Cart) site directly earns revenue by taking online orders.  Informational sites seek to persuade visitors to travel to a physical location or request further details by phone, email, or signing up for a newsletter or membership. Whatever tactic your site takes, you must study the whole process from the visitor’s point of view. 
Right from the start, your web pages must be engaging and provide what people came there to find. read more