Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Keywords

Top 20 SEO Tips

Domain Name (URL) or website name should use “search terms”.

Page titles appear on browser bar. Brief, keyword heavy descriptions (4-8 words). Each page should highlight different “terms”.
No “Welcome to my website” or other superfluous headings!

Invite Robots! META tag   Some engines use robots to “crawl” the web and through your entire website periodically to check for updates. read more

Why have a Delaware website?

Target Delaware customers

Stand apart from the crowd in Wilmington, DE!

A website can be one of the least expensive, most effective, and most in-depth means of advertising.  
Add the web to your marketing strategy. Motivate local Delaware visitors to see why they should place their confidence in you. Drive Wilmington, Newark & New Castle traffic to your business.

A website is useful to a:

  • Retail business   –   add a Shopping Cart and increase your customer base from local to regional (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania) or nationwide
  • Service business &nbsp –   attract new customers, provide information to reduce time-consuming administrative phone calls and keep customers informed of news and announcements
  • Home business   –   play with the big boys, but provide superior service go grow a customer base – accept credit cards with a free PayPal account
  • Non-profit organization   –   provide detailed descriptions and display photos of what you do and even take online donations
  • Professional service   –   update pages anytime with helpful information and provide links to related Delmarva resources to show that you care about your clients
  • Club or Association   –   promote yourself to prospective members, advertisers or sponsors and add a members only area with easy access
  • Hobbyist   –   share your interests with others and even make money with Google AdSense or affiliate advertising
  • – – – or any individual or group who is trying to reach a larger Delaware Valley audience with products or ideas.

Make people aware of what you do!

  • GENERATE CURIOSITY – list interesting facts
  • CREATE INTEREST – show examples of your work
  • EDUCATE TARGET AUDIENCE – provide free information
  • PROJECT PROFESSIONALISM – show that you’re serious
  • KEEP CUSTOMERS INFORMED – include news, specials, announcements
  • EXHIBIT LEGITIMACY – demonstrate your expertise

Please fill out our information form and we’ll let you know how we can help you! read more

Update News, Specials & Calendar Pages Using Databases

Keep your website current by updating it anytime with announcements, coming events, specials, and news items.
Fresh content is good for search engine optimization (SEO) reasons and for human visitors who want to see new information. You can also refer people to your site for any kind of updates that could be helpful to them, such as weather closings, schedule changes, sale prices, new testimonials, publicity you’re received, details of upcoming events and even an entire planning calendar. read more

eCommerce with Online Shopping Carts for Web Stores

Make it easy for customers to purchase from you and you can generate repeat business.

Integrate Storefront with Site Design

Use similar colors and graphics to fully incorporate your Shopping Cart pages with the rest of your site to
maintain a consistent image. Some carts have design templates to choose layouts from, while others simply allow
control over colors, logos and certain graphics.

If you intend to use PayPal, be sure to integrate your logo and colors in that account as well. It does not look professional to use the default white page with only your email address in the page header! read more

Add Video To Your Website

A short, informative video can do more to sell a client than lengthy pages of text. When a visitor sees that your video is just 30 or 60 seconds, they’re more likely to view it, knowing that you’ll get to the point and they won’t we wasting 2 or 5 or 10 minutes.

Be creative to make it memorable.  Include these to create a compact message that will be easily understood:

  • Voiceover as images display for just 2-3 seconds each
  • Video clips of you and/or product demonstrations
  • Captions – especially when showing samples of your work
  • Music – even a little can make it more fun

Here’s a video that I did myself, using only a digital camera and free “Windows Movie Maker” software: read more

Website Pages – Contact Us & Directions to Location

Don’t spend alot of time convincing prospects that you have the best products or services known to man, but then forgetting to make it easy to get in touch!  Display your contact info prominently throughout the site, but add a contact page with all of your info and show a map to help them find your physical location.

Contact Us
Make it easy for people to contact you! If you are not selling items directly online, this is the most important page to drive traffic to. List all possible ways to contact your company, including phone, email, fax, Twitter, LinkedIn, mailing address, physical address and office hours. If you have several departments, provide instructions for contacting each to prevent confusion. read more

Website Pages – Products & Services

Your home page should motivate visitors to click through to the particular product, service or contact page to they can successfully find the solution to their specific need or problem. Depending on how many categories you have, there may be one overview page or simply links to any category of interest. That Products/Services page needs to contain enough info to drive them to "buy now" or contact you.

Website pages – About & News

There are many possible secondary pages that can help close the deal for visitors to contact you or request information.  “About Us” isn’t critical to your product or service, but the information you include can help to set you apart from the competition or give visitors “another” reason to contact you.  Stand out from the crowd and explain what makes you special!

About Us
This page (aka “About Us” or “Our Company”) may include any kind of background information to make visitors more comfortable with you. Company history, mission statement, introduction of staff members, awards and honors, or explanation of what separates you from the competition. On the surface, you may provide similar products or services as others, but certain secondary facts displaying your unique qualities can close the deal. Maybe you assist a charity that’s important to some potential clients.  Maybe you’ve won an award.  Maybe you have a unique certification. read more