Internet Marketing

Internet marketing techniques and ideas to drive traffic to websites.

Smartphone apps

Mobile Apps for Smartphones in Wilmington Delaware

Boost your customer retention with your own smartphone app! Attraction LLC now offers mobile apps to businesses in Wilmington, Delaware and across the USA! Your customers always have their smartphones, so you’ll always be just a tap away!

80% of online browsing time is on a smartphone!

89% of customers prefer mobile app to mobile website!

Mobile Apps are no longer just for “large” businesses. Contact Webmaster Ray for an incredible low monthly cost for your own custom app! read more

Posters & Wall Art Website Re-Designed

Wilmington Posters and Wall Art

Posters, graphics and wall art are a popular item to purchase online, either for personal or business purposes. I re-designed a website I originally built 8 years ago to sell posters and prints online through my affiliate relationship with, the world’s largest poster store.

My new website is mobile-responsive and is a great example of how anyone can monetize a personal blog or website, or add an income stream to an existing commercial site by placing text ads or banner ads to items that are related to the main theme of your site. Visit to see how I optimized it with my own keywords so that I had a chance of ranking in Google search results. Buy a Wilmington DE motivational poster or a cute kittens poster or funny poster while you’re there! read more

Auto post your blog to social media

Directory submission

Call Webmaster Ray at 302-633-1482 if you’d like info on automatically having your blog posts appear in your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter feeds and more! Take advantage of your posts by sharing them without individual entries. If you don’t yet have a mobile-responsive WordPress site, I can create one. If you’ve already got WordPress, I’ll install a plugin and either of us can link your social media accounts to it. read more

Submit to Directories & Social Media

Webmaster Ray now offers an inexpensive Directory Submission Service to increase your visibility on the internet and help improve search engine rank!

Use our service to submit your site to 50+ popular directories to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google rank. Increase website traffic and easily update all listings at once, anytime on the major platforms.
Check your visibility now by getting Free Report with link found here. read more

Advertising and Promotion of Website URL

Where to include your web address

  • Include URL on business cards, letterhead, signage, vehicles
  • Flyers, posters and door-hangers
  • Business and personal email signatures
  • Email friends, enemies, customers, potential customers to announce site
  • Enter site in free online directories
  • Add website URL to all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Refer to site URL in brochures, advertisements, yellow pages ads
  • Employee name tags and uniforms
  • Advise people to “check site for the latest info”
  • Exchange links with similar organizations
  • Mention site in phone calls and during meetings
  • Add web address to greeting cards to customers
  • Include URL on all promotional items: pens, magnets, notepads, t-shirts, etc.
  • Have “Web Specials” with more details on your site.
  • … other ideas?
  • read more

    Why have a Delaware website?

    Target Delaware customers

    Stand apart from the crowd in Wilmington, DE!

    A website can be one of the least expensive, most effective, and most in-depth means of advertising.  
    Add the web to your marketing strategy. Motivate local Delaware visitors to see why they should place their confidence in you. Drive Wilmington, Newark & New Castle traffic to your business.

    A website is useful to a:

    • Retail business   –   add a Shopping Cart and increase your customer base from local to regional (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania) or nationwide
    • Service business &nbsp –   attract new customers, provide information to reduce time-consuming administrative phone calls and keep customers informed of news and announcements
    • Home business   –   play with the big boys, but provide superior service go grow a customer base – accept credit cards with a free PayPal account
    • Non-profit organization   –   provide detailed descriptions and display photos of what you do and even take online donations
    • Professional service   –   update pages anytime with helpful information and provide links to related Delmarva resources to show that you care about your clients
    • Club or Association   –   promote yourself to prospective members, advertisers or sponsors and add a members only area with easy access
    • Hobbyist   –   share your interests with others and even make money with Google AdSense or affiliate advertising
    • – – – or any individual or group who is trying to reach a larger Delaware Valley audience with products or ideas.

    Make people aware of what you do!

    • GENERATE CURIOSITY – list interesting facts
    • CREATE INTEREST – show examples of your work
    • EDUCATE TARGET AUDIENCE – provide free information
    • PROJECT PROFESSIONALISM – show that you’re serious
    • KEEP CUSTOMERS INFORMED – include news, specials, announcements
    • EXHIBIT LEGITIMACY – demonstrate your expertise

    Please fill out our information form and we’ll let you know how we can help you! read more

    eCommerce with Online Shopping Carts for Web Stores

    Make it easy for customers to purchase from you and you can generate repeat business.

    Integrate Storefront with Site Design

    Use similar colors and graphics to fully incorporate your Shopping Cart pages with the rest of your site to
    maintain a consistent image. Some carts have design templates to choose layouts from, while others simply allow
    control over colors, logos and certain graphics.

    If you intend to use PayPal, be sure to integrate your logo and colors in that account as well. It does not look professional to use the default white page with only your email address in the page header! read more

    Add Video To Your Website

    A short, informative video can do more to sell a client than lengthy pages of text. When a visitor sees that your video is just 30 or 60 seconds, they’re more likely to view it, knowing that you’ll get to the point and they won’t we wasting 2 or 5 or 10 minutes.

    Be creative to make it memorable.  Include these to create a compact message that will be easily understood:

    • Voiceover as images display for just 2-3 seconds each
    • Video clips of you and/or product demonstrations
    • Captions – especially when showing samples of your work
    • Music – even a little can make it more fun

    Here’s a video that I did myself, using only a digital camera and free “Windows Movie Maker” software: read more