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Visible layout of website pages.

Visible Tips for Your Website

Website development

Prevent the most common visible website mistakes.
Build your website from the visitor’s perspective and make it easy for them to take action (such as calling for information, filling out your contact form or purchasing online). You have under 5 seconds to grab the attention of your prospects before they click away from your site (possibly forever). Call or email us with any questions.

Top 30 Visual Design Tips

Your Domain Name should be logical and search engine friendly like www.web-design.com read more

Basic Website Tips

Website development

What Makes a Great Website?

If you’re building your own site to save money, either with web-publishing software or with an online site builder, make it attractive. But don’t forget critical elements (often invisible) that are necessary to bring in traffic. Finally, what you have must be functional to make it easy for visitors so they don’t leave without reading what you had to offer!

10 Steps Toward a Successful Website

  1. Establish a concise list of objectives. What is your main goal?
  2. Understand the target audience.
    What information do they need, and how fast? Will graphics or video help?
  3. Provide quality content and keep it concise.
    It must immediately convey it’s purpose, or visitors will leave.
  4. Develop a site map based on a logical sequence to display information.
  5. Keep the visitor in mind when developing a navigation scheme.
    The flow from page to page should be logical and consistent.
  6. Utilize multimedia features if they aid communication.
    Mouse rollovers, animated images, sound, etc. can reinforce the text.
  7. Make it Search Engine friendly (Google friendly!). Appropriate title, SEO keywords and META tags are essential to generating traffic.
  8. Maintain the site on a regular basis to keep it fresh and give visitors a reason to return.
  9. Integrate the site with other components of your marketing plan.
  10. Work with a professional developer who has an understanding of both technological and marketing aspects.           More Web Design and SEO tips!

Keep Your Site Working Hard

Your business has a website because it’s a cost-effective way to supplement advertising to prospects and to maintain contact with customers. Include the web address in all marketing material, correspondence, signage, and phone directory ads. You want your site to be more attractive and more user-friendly than the websites of your competition. You’re happy with the design, structure and your marketing video. But once the site is online, it can be all too easy to neglect a key ingredient—your content! read more

Website Videos for Marketing & Demonstration

Video Marketing continues to grow in importance. People like videos – especially short ones. Google likes videos so much that they own YouTube and are happy to promote it.

Even this incredibly simple video that I put together ranks on page 2 of results if you Google “wilmington de web designer”.
Not only should your website feature your general-purpose 30-60 second marketing video, but you should consider adding one to nearly every main page of your business website. If you have 5 different categories of services, create a brief video for each and place it near the top of the page. It’s amazing how many people will view the video instead of reading a few lines of text. read more

Mobile Websites Attract Business – part 2

mobile websites

Converting your desktop-friendly website to be easier to view on mobile devices can drastically improve number of views, time spent on your site, and conversions (calls, opt-ins, sales). Since mid-2014, all of the new websites I’ve built have been using the popular WordPress platform. This allows them to be “responsive” to any screen size. Your website will look good on desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. An added bonus is that you will be able to add and edit text and photos throughout your website. I provide training. read more

Reasons to convert to a mobile-responsive website now

mobile responsive websites

If you don’t yet have a mobile-friendly site, there are several reasons to convert to a mobile-responsive website now: over 50% of web traffic is viewed on mobile devices, avoid Google dropping your rank, mobile sites generate more calls & sales.

  • Over 50% of overall web traffic is now being viewed on mobile.
  • Don’t lose business to competitors. If your site is difficult to view on a phone or tablet, visitors will find another, which is.
  • Google is now lowering the rank of sites that are not mobile friendly. That means that you will have less desktop traffic as well!
  • I’d convert your site using WordPress, so you’d be able to edit most text/photos yourself, saving money from having me do everything!
  • Single Website, Multiple Devices. Responsive Website Design delivers an excellent user-experience across numerous devices and screen sizes. One of my examples is http://BrandywineAutoRepair.com to view on desktop and phone.
  • Take the opportunity to tune up your site with fresh information, photos, videos, documents and other functionality – included in cost.
  • Currently, mobile phones are employed for carrying out 3 out of 5 searches.
  • Mobile surpasses Desktop shopping activity – Those who search on mobile are more likely to buy or contact.
  • Click-to-Call feature makes it easy to contact you. A stunning 61% of local searches on mobile phones lead to an instant phone call. You’ll have it.
  • Social Media is mobile-friendly. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc are already mobile-friendly, so take advantage by easily updating information and uploading photos anytime.
  • read more

    Wilmington DE Web Designer

    Webmaster Ray create sites from a business perspective, rather than from an overly technical or artistic perspective.

    Our goal is to give you an internet presence that accomplishes what you want and brings results! Based in Wilmington, Delaware, we work with clients throughout the USA!

    Mission Statement:

    To provide the best possible, customer-centered, quality web design service at the lowest possible cost.

    • Mobile responsive websites that look good on desktop PC or smart phone.
    • Pages you can update with news items, weekly specials, or announcements.
    • Slideshows to showcase your products or samples of your work.
    • Shopping Carts to sell items online via credit card.
    • Contact forms with options for customers to better explain what they seek.
    • Video clips that you furnish to help tell your story.

    Referrals to me can earn you residual income for life!

    Web designers in Wilmington DE and throughout New Castle County, Delaware. read more

    Website Maintenance Video

    5 Reasons Why Your Website is Still Important – Your website continues to be an
    integral part of your company’s internet presence. The site includes your branding and
    serves as hub for all online marketing and advertising activities. SEO, email marketing,
    social media, press releases, articles, white papers and web directory listings should all
    steer visitors to your website, where you control information to generate sales or grow
    further interest. read more

    Why have a Delaware website?

    Target Delaware customers

    Stand apart from the crowd in Wilmington, DE!

    A website can be one of the least expensive, most effective, and most in-depth means of advertising.  
    Add the web to your marketing strategy. Motivate local Delaware visitors to see why they should place their confidence in you. Drive Wilmington, Newark & New Castle traffic to your business.

    A website is useful to a:

    • Retail business   –   add a Shopping Cart and increase your customer base from local to regional (Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania) or nationwide
    • Service business &nbsp –   attract new customers, provide information to reduce time-consuming administrative phone calls and keep customers informed of news and announcements
    • Home business   –   play with the big boys, but provide superior service go grow a customer base – accept credit cards with a free PayPal account
    • Non-profit organization   –   provide detailed descriptions and display photos of what you do and even take online donations
    • Professional service   –   update pages anytime with helpful information and provide links to related Delmarva resources to show that you care about your clients
    • Club or Association   –   promote yourself to prospective members, advertisers or sponsors and add a members only area with easy access
    • Hobbyist   –   share your interests with others and even make money with Google AdSense or affiliate advertising
    • – – – or any individual or group who is trying to reach a larger Delaware Valley audience with products or ideas.

    Make people aware of what you do!

    • GENERATE CURIOSITY – list interesting facts
    • CREATE INTEREST – show examples of your work
    • EDUCATE TARGET AUDIENCE – provide free information
    • PROJECT PROFESSIONALISM – show that you’re serious
    • KEEP CUSTOMERS INFORMED – include news, specials, announcements
    • EXHIBIT LEGITIMACY – demonstrate your expertise

    Please fill out our information form and we’ll let you know how we can help you! read more