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Reciprocal links and link exchange

Any inbound link is a good one, but there is a wide difference in their quality.  One link from a respected, popular website may be worth more than ten links from low-ranking or poor quality sites.

Reciprocal Links: friends and associates
Trade links with business associates and anyone else you know with a website. Contact fellow members of associations, your chamber of commerce, social organizations, or any group you’re part of. Place links to each others’ sites since you already know and trust them. Maybe you’ll be allowed a longer description or preferred page placement because of your relationship. read more

Link Building – creating inbound links

To link or not to link, that is the question!  In general, the more the merrier, however some links can harm your site’s “reputation” if they are in a bad neighborhood.

Avoid questionable link building strategies
Be careful!  If you see a link building opportunity that appears suspicious, ignore it. You could be wasting your time or even risk having your site penalized for significant periods of time by search engines. It’s up to you to verify legitimacy and value of any agreements.  read more

Inbound Links: Ask for them!

Dental website

Dental website

Especially for Google, link popularity is a major component of your ranking, so ask other websites to post a link to yours.  You receive more credit if the other site’s theme is related to yours and if the other site has a high ranking.