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200 proven, low-cost techniques you can use NOW
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About Ray:
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Ray Christensen

A veteran internet marketer of both products and services, Ray Christensen has been developing websites for over a decade... specializing in search engine optimized sites for businesses and non-profits in a wide range of industries.

Not just a technical geek, Ray has a business background where the bottom line is what counts.

He has tested hundreds of SEO techniques and explored the most cost effective ways to generate traffic, resulting in web designs that drive results.

What his clients say:

I finally found Webmaster Ray, Attraction Website Design through a long time colleague. I say finally, because I met with several designer before finding the one who was right for me. Not only did Ray get my site up and running in a timely fashion, but his response time is excellent for site updates!
- Carla, Ben-Dom Printing

Thank you for the professional job you did on our website. Your timely design surely makes it easy for potential clients to access and make use of our services. Our site is just what we were looking for!
- Brian,
G & D Collection Group, Inc.

Ray did an excellent job in working with me to put together our new website. Working via email and the telephone was extremely convenient and easy for me, and the back-and-forth collaborative effort on the page designs was enjoyable and effective.

Best of all, whatever 'crazy' design idea I came up with, Ray had the technical skills to make it work, or the diplomatic skills to use what worked and help guide me to a more suitable solution when needed. We love our site, and have had great compliments on it!!

- Bonnie Porter,
Newark Day Nursery and Children's Center

Ray at Attraction did a fantastic job balancing the various needs of our website design. We have gotten several comments from the architects and builders we work with saying how professional and impressive the results are.
- Matt, CEO,
Brandywine Access Solutions

We came to Ray with a blank sheet of paper and a couple thoughts. With Ray's help, suggestions and patience we came away with a web -site that is absoultely breathtaking.
Rodney, Owner,
Foust Services Company, LLC

The minute I called Ray Christensen to see if he can build my website, I realized that I was talking to the right person. He immediately got an idea of what I wanted to do and was very knowledgeable and helpful with his input and ideas that made a big difference. He provided an engaging service that exceeded my expectations...
- Abdelhak Chegri,
Treadmill To Fitness

I have received glowing compliments from friends and family and have had much positive feed back from customers visiting the site. I also greatly appreciate your help on the follow up as I learned how to update and change my web site. You made everything so easy and user friendly. I will be proud and happy to recommend your services to any one I know who is considering building a web page for their business. Thank you again for your excellent work.
Thomas Tear,
Grand Oak Plantation

Ray, I want to thank you for everything you did for the J&M Wedding Creations' website project. I found your expertise and talent became an important aspect for the success of our website. You took the time to understand our goals and vision, in addition, transformed my ideas and directions into a breathtaking and conveniently functioning website that perfectly reflects our company image and character.

Everyone who viewed our website have complimented on its work as well! Thank you for all the time and work you invested in us. I say with confidence now that your title as the webmaster is well deserved!

- Marie Cui, Wedding Consultant,
J&M Wedding Creations

Ray, Thank you for our web site updates. I came to you with a wish list and you sure handedly made the list a reality. Many thanks for your prompt and professional service. We love the site!
- Victor David, Director
Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design

Boost Your Website Profitability book cover

Your guide to a high performance website.


Call Ray at
(302) 633-1482
8am-5pm ET


What readers say about the book

"This is one of the most complete and to the point books on this subject that I have ever read. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has dreams of having a presence on the internet. I would recommend printing it out and using it as a reference book as each person builds their own site. Thanks Ray, this is a job well done. I can tell that you put a lot of time and work into the whole project."
Bill Lindsey

"Ray's new e-book is all pertinent information, there is no filler. I especially liked the sections on increasing web traffic to our site. I knew very little about attracting visitors to my site before reading his material. Now with what I've learned I know exactly what to do to get more visits and ultimately more sales."
Jim Campbell, Owner

"Wow, this ebook has the basics of everything you need to know getting your domain, website set-up, and promoting it on the web. If you you follow the practices in this book, you'll save yourself many wasted hours and have a great website."
Leonard, Owner

"Thanks for taking the time to put a much needed internet marketing resource on the market."
Carla Vicario, Owner

"This book is an excellent, comprehensive reference guide for anyone planning either to develop a new web site or to redesign an existing one. Following it systematically will not only help the user avoid many pitfalls but also greatly improve the site's effectiveness."
Silvia Zsoldos, Ph.D.
Success Programs Inc.

"This book by Ray Christensen contains a lot of great ideas to improve your business or non-profit website. As an owner or manager, it provides a lot of questions to ask of your website designer, whether he be an in-house techie or an outside consultant or designer. Use of the book will allow your in-house techie to improve your site and obtain maximum results and/or allow you to get the most from outside help."
Tom F.

"Finally a simple and easy to use guide to getting the most out of your internet marketing... Anyone with a website must read Ray's book."
Victor David, Director
Schilling-Douglas School of Hair Design


Call Ray at
(302) 633-1482
8am-5pm ET


Dear Website Owner:

What makes some websites so effective and profitable while others are ignored?   Do you find yourself:

  • Afraid of paying too much for website work that may not bring the results you want?
  • Wishing you knew the secret to generating traffic inexpensively?
  • Tired of hearing that your competitor has such a wonderful website while yours is unknown (even to your friends)?
  • Dreaming of prospects coming to you instead of you having to jump through hoops to find them?

You want to bring more traffic to your site and convert those visitors to paying customers without wasting time on untried guessing games--- and without spending a ton of money.

How do "successful"
Internet Marketers do it?

In building websites for other people over the years, I've found out that you don't really have to be a web designer, have an IT background, or be a professional marketer to increase the performance of your website.

It's astonishing what you can "pick up" just by observing successful websites... but most business owners just don't have the time. They're too busy running their business!

So I've compiled over 200 tips you can start using TODAY to boost your internet bottom line quickly and easily.

And it doesn't matter if you're just starting to decide on a domain name, or you've owned your website for 5 years.

Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions

Each chapter of this 80-page e-book was designed after carefully studying what's working on the Internet today. ANY website owner can integrate these tips into their online marketing campaign to improve website profitability.

These low-cost, proven techniques have been used by successful Internet Marketers to ramp up not only traffic volume, but conversion as well.

And I've put them together for you so they're easy to implement--absolutely NO technical experience is required.

Stop Wasting Money on Overpriced

I've seen way too many site owners throw money at ineffective solutions sold to them by "experts" that baffle them with technical terms.

Frankly, that's such a waste of time and resources that I decided to write this e-book to help people avoid that mistake.

Boost Your Website isn't stuffed with tons of hype and filler and too few nuggets of wisdom, either...

It's jam-packed with easily understandable tips and recommendations that you can quickly implement and see results... and every one of them has been successfully used by successful online marketers.

Here's a Sampling of some of the
Cash-Generating Nuggets you'll find in
Boost Your Website...

Where to find the best FREE tools on the Internet for search engine optimization... page 10

How to keep visitors from clicking away... and 20 ways to keep them returning again and again... page 62

The secret "business differentiator" that's the key to rocketing online leads and sales... page 73

Social Networking Sites: Which ones to sign up for NOW and which ones to avoid like the plague... page 82

Two easy (and FREE) keys to building a database of thousands of loyal customers... page 91

Which directories to join to maximize the power of inbound linking... page 41

Keeping it Legal: Stay out of trouble and make visitors feel comfortable with these easy tools... page 88

Plus Much More!

The great thing is, the vast majority of these tips require no technical knowledge at all.

Many of these tips relate to the content which you can add to your site directly or furnish to a web designer, plus lots of "off-site" ideas that can be implemented by anyone in your organization.

Each time you page through Boost Your Website, you'll gather fresh ideas.

No difficult, theoretical concepts, but practical, real-world ideas that you can implement now, or anytime you want to give your website performance a boost.

And it's broken down into 11 chapters you can easily index and utilize, whether you're a business owner working on overall marketing strategy... a content administrator responsible for tracking customer satisfaction... or a non-technical webmaster looking to optimize search engine placement.

Here are some more cost-effective ways that Boost Your Website can help you generate more for your business:

8 questions to answer to build the immediate trust of your visitors... page 8

How to make Google & Yahoo love your site: Jump to higher natural search rankings---the Holy Grail of SEO!... pages 41-45

Learn where your visitors are coming from so you can attract even more... page 16

16 brilliant ways to utilize photos, audio and video to set yourself above the rest... page 18-21

4 simple steps to giving your site personality... page 73-75

Fine print: These words make a big difference... page 30

10 "must-do" items for your home page... page 47

Best way to eliminate Spam from your mailbox... page 57

Make well-known sites like Amazon,, Craigslist and eBay bring you FREE business... page 58-60

Motivate customers to sell themselves - with these 8 keys... page 79-82

Make your site "sticky" w/ these phrases & tools... page 28

Just 3 days to a new website? Gather exactly what you need in record time... page 13

38 reasons that visitors will love your site enough to tell their friends... page 33-40

Essential website pages - and which are a waste of time... page 47

Best Hosting deals when you're on a budget... page 54

30+ cost-free AND time-saving ways to generate traffic... page 58

The book includes hyperlinks to see these techniques in action PLUS over 100 valuable resources to rocket your online campaign to the stratosphere!

Your site must be more than just "pretty" or "cool". It must attract people who are searching for it's contents. It must persuade your audience. Let me show you how.

Boost Your Website is an affordable resource that will put you miles ahead of the competition.   No need to waste your valuable time searching for a magic potion to put your site on top, since the proven answers will be right at your fingertips!

Save time and money

Download instantly to shift your website into high gear! The legwork is already done...

And it's a bargain... this boatload of ideas costs just a fraction of the hourly rate for a consultation with any reputable online marketer.

Don't start paying the hundreds of dollars per month charged by SEO and SEM companies when you can implement these powerful ideas for under 30 bucks!

For less than the price of a tank of gas these days, you can rev up your website's performance with tips that will pay BIG DIVIDENDS down the road...

If you're spending $1,000 for on a website, this is your inexpensive insurance policy that it brings results! But in case you're still hesitating at all, let me throw in some bonus items which complement what you'll gain from the book. (These products alone more than double your value, so check'em out!)

Act immediately and receive the following FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1   $14.95 value

Craigslist Marketer PRO

27 page detailed GUIDE that gives you step-by-step instructions to harness the massive amounts of traffic on Craigslist TODAY!

  • The 23-minute VIDEO that explains everything you need to know to get setup quickly and easily.
  • The Craigslist AD SPREADSHEET to keep your ads organized.
  • A LIST of over 30 High Traffic Cities to start with to ensure that you are maximizing your exposure to the BILLIONS of visitors that Craigslist receives every single month!

Bonus #2   $9.95 value

SEO for the Average Webmaster

Search Engine Optimization for the REAL WORLD!

David Congreave, Tim Whiston, Roy Miller and Terry Telford recently recorded a tell-all TeleClass that showed attendees how to massage your website to grab the search engine's attention.

This is a risk-free offer. I know you'll benefit from these powerful ideas to attract website visitors and convert them into regular customers. I know it because I've only included what really works on the websites I've built or energized. So if you're not satisfied for any reason, you'll receive a prompt refund.
It's a 100% life-time guarantee.

Let's recap. You get...

  Over 200 of the very best website tips that will increase traffic and bring results.

  8 bonus articles written by web marketing experts on important topics.

Boost Your Website Profitability book cover

  Craigslist Marketer PRO - 27 page GUIDE helps you harness massive amounts of traffic

  SEO for the Average Webmaster - Search Engine Optimization for the REAL WORLD!

  A no-risk life-long 100% guarantee.

I look forward to hearing your comments on the book!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed! All the best,

(302) 633-1482

P.S.  Act now and receive FREE 15 minute personal phone consultation!   (limited time only)

P.P.S.  Hire me as your web designer and price of book will be subtracted from my bill, effectively making it FREE!

Start implementing these valuable tools right now. Ideal if you're a busy person who just wants the answers without loads of hype.

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