Progressive Web Apps for Small Businesses

Here’s a brief overview of the advantages of a cutting edge Progressive Web App for owners of small businesses (also see list below):

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What is a Progressive Web App (PWA)?

A Progressive Web App is a mixture of a mobile website and web app!

How are these different from Traditional Web Apps and Native Apps?

  • PWAs are Progressive – They work for every user, regardless of the browser and location.
  • Take up no space on device – this means that users will be more likely to download
  • Easy Installation – no hassle of downloading from App Store / Google Play
  • Easy to Share – Linkable, so easily shared by other users or directly from your website
  • Responsive – PWAs will fit any device! Be it a desktop, a mobile, a tablet, or even something that hasn’t been created yet!
  • Not dependent on connectivity – PWAs can even work on low-quality networks or offline
  • App-like feel – They have app-style interactions and navigation.
  • Fresh – always up-to-date with the latest updates
  • Secure – served via HTTPS, ensuring that no-one without proper authorization can tamper with your app.
  • Discoverable – Actual URL means that apps could appear in Google / search engines!