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How To Make Money in MLM / Network Marketing Even If Youíre Not A Salesman!

Network Marketing (aka Multi-Level Marketing or MLM) can be the ideal home-based business. On the surface, the lucrative cash earnings potential for Network Marketing draws our interest. But we all realize that a certain amount of sales skills are necessary for any business to be successful. This is even more true with MLM, since product prices are often higher than the retail store competitors.

You donít have to have a "Type A" personality to make money!
There are so many Network Marketing opportunities around that weíve all come into contact with a friend or relative "trying to sell us something". This brings up all the negative feelings associated with ďin your faceĒ salesmanship where the prospect often feels so uncomfortable that they may not even want to hear about something theyíd otherwise be interested in.

These days, with so many product and service options, and everything accessible through the internet, many of us would prefer to make our own decisions instead of being sold something by a salesman (especially when heís your brother-in-law). To take advantage of peopleís ability and desire to make their own decisions, we need to offer our product instead of sell it. For softer spoken (or even reserved) MLMíers, go for the soft sale, rather than the hard one for better results. Hereís a list of ways to do that successfully:

1. Market a product you believe in, and use it!
As a marathon runner, I take an interest in proper nutrition and I also enjoy helping people I know live a healthier lifestyle. So itís natural for me to market nutritional supplements. I use them because I see (feel) the results, so itís easy for me to recommend them to others based on first-hand experience. But I donít push it! I just mention products that I take and since people know that Iím an athlete, Iíve established some legitimacy.

You can do the same for people you donít know by introducing yourself first (to show some credentials) and then mention the benefits of your product. This can be done online to introduce yourself to prospects before plugging the product. You must build a level of trust or youíre just some guy trying to sell them something. If you establish credibility, youíre more of an expert sharing a product that you can vouch for.
Contact me after viewing this video:

2. Target prospects with complimentary occupations, interests, or philosophies.
A big network marketing saying is that "Itís a numbers game." This is certainly true, but youíll save lots of time if you invest your time in marketing where the numbers are in your favor. When recruiting members to join your organization, concentrate on those who even just remotely could see some type of association between themselves and the product.

For example, for my nutritional supplements, I talk to personal trainers, sports gear retailers, physical therapists, health professionals, athletes, martial arts instructors, etc. who already have customers interested in getting healthier or stronger. Itís natural for them to adding another stream of income to their business.

3. Allow prospects to find you, from around your area or around the world.
Use the internet by setting up a website for prospects to find what theyíre searching for. They donít care if itís called multi-level marketing, network marketing, direct sales or magic. They just want to find a product that fills a need, whether itís losing weight, building bigger muscles, having shinier hair, finding a lawyer, or working from home!

By including lots of information (text and photos), utilizing proper search engine optimization techniques, and presenting yourself as an authority, youíll find an audience. You can be more effective than other marketers who sell the same product, or even a commercially advertised one.

4. Be your own affiliate, for an even softer sell.
Online or offline, combine your product with your major interest. If youíre a personal trainer or athlete, present your nutritional product as a "sponsor" of your activity or website. Prospects are much more open to an advertisement if itís related to the main subject matter. Spas and salons are giving extra value to their clientele by offering body care products along with their services.

Websites can be used to generate interest for newsletters, where you can provide useful information, while including a few lines of advertising. People often donít buy until the 4th or 5th time theyíre presented with the opportunity, so each weekly or monthly issue builds your relationship with them as well as familiarizes them with the advertised product.

5. Email marketing makes MLM more personal.
Individual emails can be used in the same way as newsletters, as long as youíre providing valuable information along with your pitch! Provide some useful content, give an update on your activities and how the product played a positive role, and maybe even offer a free sample or promotional item. If you donít make a sale this time, be patient and continue to be the benevolent expert whoís just looking out for everyoneís welfare! Your chances will improve with each contact.

6. Prove that you are reputable and proficient in your field.
Find or generate other ways to support your reputation as experienced and trustworthy. Back to my nutritional supplements: I wrote an eBook on running, was the subject of a newspaper article, became a board member of my running club, and even highlighted my background as a naval officer. There are ways to tie in various aspects of your life and individual experiences, even if they arenít obvious at first. But every little bit helps!

7. Treat it like a REAL business.
Many people are lured into direct marketing businesses through flashy presentations, promises of quick money overnight, or constant pressure from a brother-in-law. The facts are that you really can make loads of money if you treat it like an actual business instead of a hobby. You don't have to be one of the 95% of people who fail in network marketing. If you don't work it, you won't profit from it. I can show you how to be in the happy 5%. For more tidbits, check out my Work from Home website.

You don't have to be a salesman to make money in MLM. To take advantage of peopleís desire to make their own decisions, we need to offer our product instead of sell it. Check out the following book for the real deal:

Ray Christensen has run 12 marathons since 2002 and is happy to share his nutritional products opportunity at He is a website designer, specializing in SEO at

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