Is Social Media Marketing Worthwhile?

Do you invest time or money in Social Media marketing or direct Facebook ads?
How can you decide where to best spend for the best results?

Listen to this Podcast that I’m featured on for answers:

My friend and client Ronda Cobb is a money coach in Toledo, Ohio and broadcasts a weekly podcast on iHeart Radio. Each show focuses on one financial topic for business owners and individuals trying to improve their budget.

Marketing Options for Small Businesses

Small businesses have a limited advertising budget, so utilizing your $500 or $1000 per month advertising budget correctly is critical. A bad spend in one or two places can put you out of business before you find your best marketing channel. It mostly depends on where your best prospects are. In this podcast, Webmaster Ray discusses how to decide and who to speak with for help.

Some business owners create their own Facebook and LinkedIn posts, Twitter tweets, Instagram posts, Pinterest items or similar ads on other platforms. Others hire a local social media marketer to create one or more posts per week. The next step is paid advertising on these platforms. That’s alot of work, for a very soft sell campaign. Results can take time and it’s difficult to be patient. My best suggestion is to ask a fellow business owner what they’ve had success with or if they know of a 3rd party person that they trust. Or join your local Chamber of Commerce and have them refer you to an expert.

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