Marketing Videos Increase Conversion Rate

Video Marketing brings results for any business or organization seeking attention, sales, or more members. People like videos – especially short ones. Google likes videos so much that they own YouTube. The most shared Facebook posts are ones displaying a brief video.

By incorporating images, voiceover, captions and energizing background music you’ll keep the attention of viewers. Your prospects are much more likely to watch a 30-45 second video than to read paragraphs of text. You’re saving them time since a picture is worth a thousand words and you can fit many photos in even the most concise video.

The Best Videos

Besides conveying information, add some humor or cute puppies or attractive models (stock photos) and visitors will engage more fully and pay attention. Then be sure to include a Call To Action (CTA), so that the viewer will take the next step. Ask them to

  • Call for more information
  • Visit website to download a free PDF
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Visit your Facebook Page
  • Take advantage of special offer
  • Buy now!

Inexpensive Media Options

Besides your local videographer or web designer, you could use an online service for a semi-custom animated video costing under $200 where you provide logo, color choices and the script. Here’s one that one of my own web design clients had created:

I prefer a more personalized approach costing just slightly more. You can even use that content to create additional, more targeted videos such as for each of your product lines or services. You’ll effectively have a particular video that directly pitches to each of your prospects.

Improve Conversions of All Marketing Campaigns

One 30 second promotional video can act as your “commercial” and can be used in

  • Landing Pages
  • Linked to Pay Per Click and Facebook Ads
  • Organic Facebook posts & LinkedIn Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Home page of your website
  • Email marketing
  • Direct Mail, Radio, TV Advertisements (just include simple URL)
  • Referral leads – ask your customers to simply share the video link!

Here’s a video I created for one of my clients a couple years ago:

Webmaster Ray Creates Effective Marketing Videos

For $399, I can offer a custom video packed with your images and even optimized for higher rank in YouTube and Google search results! I’ll help you create the script, have you select your best photos plus professional stock photos.

It’s important to be concise, so there’s no room for content that’s off-target or the viewer will stop watching. Even if you’re not in the Wilmington, Delaware area, I can assemble your video if you send images, voiceover script and even video clips.

Finally, we’ll upload to YouTube and then embed it in your website to get twice the bang for the buck. Here’s one more promo video sample:

Once you have your “introduction” marketing video working for you, other possibilities include:

  • Informational Videos – for particular products, services
  • Instructional Videos – “how to” or “explainer” (great for getting Facebook shares)
  • About You – background info on organization, leaders, employees
  • Customer Reviews – testimonials are effective
  • Case Study – tell a story!
  • Interview – Q and A with staff or owner
  • Announcements – new products, services

As you can see, there are countless ways for you to create a video library that supports all marketing efforts. Each one is a great reason for another social media post. Get started now!

Contact Webmaster Ray with any questions or call directly at 302-633-1482.