Top 10 Internet Marketing Ideas for 2018

attract attention to get more customers

Attract attention to get more customers

Convert your prospects into customers!
Here are my top 10 marketing ideas to start the new year with economical website improvements that bring results. When your prospects “google” the goods or services you provide, list of results does not allow your business to stand out from the rest.
Using my clients as examples:

Stand out from your competitors
You know that you’re better than your competition. But you need to show your prospects why to choose you. Here are top 10 gifts that you can give your business this holiday season to get more attention, more clicks, more calls, and most importantly, MORE SALES!

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  1. Landing Page(s)– Improve your conversion rate from Facebook Ads, PPC, LinkedIn posts and just about any advertising you do. Make your marketing costs pay off. See this Landing Page I created for Sherm’s Catering (I didn’t do his website, just the landing page). The idea is to target the exact service/product that you’re promoting, rather than come to your general landing page.
  2. Marketing Video – Excite your prospects with 30-45 second pitch where you can quickly outline all or most of your services. Images, voiceover, captions, background music all included. Post to your website, facebook, LinkedIn, emails, YouTube.
  3. Google Reviews – Prospects love the affirmation of happy customers! Get twice the benefit by having customers write brief reviews on your Google Maps listing – which helps you stand out with gold stars. Get twice the benefit, since you can easily copy and paste onto the Testimonials page on your website. For example, write a brief review of me here – and give me 5 stars if I deserve them! Included is a similar link on your own Reviews page.
  4. Mobile Website UpgradeIf your site is still not mobile-friendly. Optimized for best visitor experience on all devices, plus I will train you to update most content yourself on ALL pages of site.
  5. Start a Blog – Share your insights with prospects and give them reason to contact you by providing the information they seek. Write short or long posts in minutes, adding photos to enforce your message. Then double or triple your value by sharing in social media, emails to your list, or send to people who’d have interest in that specific topic. Solve problems, display case studies, provide your opinion, highlight a new product, etc. To install Blog with 2-5 categories:
  6. Additional Domains – Create a descriptive domain name to lead to a particular page of your website or to your home page. There is no cost to “forward” a domain name, so use it for specialty items.
    $10 for .com
  7. Accept Credit Cards – Start online payment processing on your website. Take a deposit to ensure sales from impulse buyers. Include dropdown menu of payment amount choices. You create a PayPal account and I’ll install the button. Or if your volume is $3000+/mo, I’ll get you best deal on a full Merchant Account like I’ve got.
  8. Email Marketing – Create and grow your mailing list with the original email marketing program, Easily add to your mailing list, send newsletters, and most importantly create an opt-in form that you or I can add to your site so you can gather emails! Cost depends on size of list.
    Free 60 day trial
  9. TV Commercial, Online Ads– Yes, really. Call me with your ideas and I’ll get you in touch with a friend who will give you best deal for quick results! Cost is kept down by targeting only those who are most likely to show interest.
    $150 – $1500
  10. WordPress Care Plan – WordPress software updates, regular backups of your site, highest rated security & website optimization plugins to maintain site performance.

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