Posters & Wall Art Website Re-Designed

Wilmington Posters and Wall Art

Posters, graphics and wall art are a popular item to purchase online, either for personal or business purposes. I re-designed a website I originally built 8 years ago to sell posters and prints online through my affiliate relationship with, the world’s largest poster store.

My new website is mobile-responsive and is a great example of how anyone can monetize a personal blog or website, or add an income stream to an existing commercial site by placing text ads or banner ads to items that are related to the main theme of your site. Visit to see how I optimized it with my own keywords so that I had a chance of ranking in Google search results. Buy a Wilmington DE motivational poster or a cute kittens poster or funny poster while you’re there!

Beer affiliate marketingContact me anytime if you’d like to brainstorm how to incorporate affiliate advertising or other income streams into your own business model. Of course, it’s easier to add these types of links to personal sites where you’re not as concerned with distracting your visitors from the main goal of buying your products or services. For example, the first website I ever built (shortly after Al Gore invented the internet) was my That’s where I first gained experience with adding affiliate advertising banners for beer posters, “Beer of the Month Clubs”, beer themed books and even unrelated items such as flowers and travel.

Speaking of that, I’ll soon update Travel USA & World, which I specifically built as a shopping mall of major travel providers such as Travelocity, Priceline,,, car rentals, online airline tickets, and other travel links. To improve SEO and to make it visitor-friendly, I include valuable information such as travel tips and other useful information for travelers. Wilmington DE travel! There are even articles submitted to me by other websites who were happy to provide me with business & pleasure travel ideas in exchange for links to their own websites.

Travel affiliate advertisingRemember, you can’t just borrow some text and images and put up a junky site. You neet to treat it as a business and put effort into quality content and search engine optimization including title tags, meta description, image alt tags, submitting to search engines and all of the other little jobs I include when building a website for a customer in Wilmington, Delaware or anywhere else in the USA. Adding travel posters helps me cross-market!

If you have a special interest or hobby to write about, let me help you share it with the world and you may be able to work in some affiliate links to websites to earn some revenue!