Website Videos for Marketing & Demonstration

Video Marketing continues to grow in importance. People like videos – especially short ones. Google likes videos so much that they own YouTube and are happy to promote it.

Even this incredibly simple video that I put together ranks on page 2 of results if you Google “wilmington de web designer”.
Not only should your website feature your general-purpose 30-60 second marketing video, but you should consider adding one to nearly every main page of your business website. If you have 5 different categories of services, create a brief video for each and place it near the top of the page. It’s amazing how many people will view the video instead of reading a few lines of text.

The Best Videos

Besides conveying information, add some humor or cute puppies or attractive ladies and visitors will engage more fully and pay attention. Then be sure to include a Call To Action (CTA), so that the viewer will take the next step. Ask them to

  • Call for more information
  • Click to download a free PDF
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Visit your Facebook Page
  • Take advantage of special offer
  • Buy now!

Videographer, Webmaster Ray, or YOU

Check with your favorite videographer, but be sure to create a script first. It’s important to be concise, so there’s no room for content that’s off-target or the viewer will stop watching. Even if you’re not in the Wilmington, Delaware area, I can assemble your video if you send images, voiceover script and even video clips. Or, if in Wilmington, DE, I’ll set you up with a photographer to visit you to shoot and will work with him to assemble the final product. We’ll upload to YouTube and then embed it in your website to get twice the bang for the buck.

You can even attempt to film and create it yourself, using either the free Windows Movie Maker or premium products. Just add music, captions and make yourself a star!

Call me with any questions at 302-633-1482.