Internet Marketing- Your Home Business

Internet Marketing usually refers to an eCommerce site, but the concept can be used by any business or organization.

You may have a home business, side business, MLM (Network Marketing, Direct Marketing) business or even an individual product or service you wish to  promote.  “Internet Marketing” is simply the online promotional techniques to increase traffic to the website you’ve created for it.

Make money with a side business

Make money with a side business

How To Make Money in MLM / Network Marketing Even If You’re Not A Salesman!

Network Marketing (aka Multi-Level Marketing or MLM) can be the ideal home-based business. On the surface, the lucrative cash earnings potential for Network Marketing draws our interest. But we all realize that a certain amount of sales skills are necessary for any business to be successful. This is even more true with MLM, since product prices are often higher than the retail store competitors.

You don’t have to have a “Type A” personality to make money!
There are so many Network Marketing opportunities around that we’ve all come into contact with a friend or relative “trying to sell us something”. This brings up all the negative feelings associated with “in your face” salesmanship where the prospect often feels so uncomfortable that they may not even want to hear about something they’d otherwise be interested in.

These days, with so many product and service options, and everything accessible through the internet, many of us would prefer to make our own decisions instead of being sold something by a salesman (especially when he’s your brother-in-law). To take advantage of people’s ability and desire to make their own decisions, we need to offer our product instead of sell it. For softer spoken (or even reserved) MLM’ers, go for the soft sale, rather than the hard one for better results. Here’s a list of ways to do that successfully:

1. Market a product you believe in, and use it!
2. Allow prospects to find you, from around your area or around the world.
3. Be your own affiliate, for an even softer sell.
4. Email marketing makes MLM more personal.
5. Prove that you are reputable and proficient in your field.
6. Treat it like a REAL business.

See details of this list here.