Articles and Press Releases for SEO

Sending articles and press releases to the internet can bring traffic in two ways.  First, a good article will lead readers to your site for more information.  Also, when articles are posted at various internet directories, the embedded links to your site improve it’s quality rating with Google.

Article Writing and Syndication
Writing articles is a popular method of generating links, if your content is appealing to visitors and to webmasters. One good article could create many links and significant traffic to your website.

Write articles and submit them to syndication websites such as GoArticles, AcmeArticles and  You should include a brief bio and links to your site with each article submitted.  When others are searching for content for their own site, they might use yours, which includes the link to your site.  There is no cost and you can often choose your own anchor text (keywords) and pages to link.

You can join several of these article directories and submit the same article to each, simply logging in after you’ve created your account with each.  Post as many as you have time for.  Others include http://ArticleMarketer.com

Prepare material for other websites
Similar to writing articles, in this case you are directly supplying content to a related website, with your “payment” in the form of links to your site and possibly enhancements such as “partner” status.  Everyone wants good unique content, so others may find it in their interest to publish your work.  Approach webmasters or look for announcements on related websites.

Press Releases
Press releases can drive interested traffic to your website and some PR wires allow authors to include website links. Some services charge and others offer free options. If you pay, your releases are made available to a larger market. and are two popular examples.  More marketing tools are available at