Keywords bring traffic

Provide quality content, including the specific keywords that visitors are looking for. 

Keywords and content are the most important factors for your pages to rank high in search engines (at no expense to you).  Make it easier for people to find you by incorporating the words and phrases they’re searching for.  Short paragraphs and bullet points are easiest to glance over. 

Keyphrases are strings of words typed into search engines to produce more relevant results.  If someone is looking for a pest control service in Denver, they may punch in “pest control Denver”, so if you own such a company in that area, you want those words to appear in the text of your home page.

Directories and search engines are becoming more powerful in producing the most suitable results for each keyphrase.  So put yourself in your customers’ shoes and consider the most popular terms to include.  Ask Webmaster Ray about the “Google Keyword Tool”.