Blogging and social bookmarking

Web 2.0 has had a large impact on SEO, with Google and other directories gradually increasing credit from popular websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Regular new content on blogs increases their relevance.

Social Bookmarking and Web 2.0
Join social media and bookmarking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Digg, MySpace and, or for more convenience, use a service like to generate interest in your site. Create a list of useful sites including one or two of your own, and then publish them to your profile. Search engines are recognizing the merit of these portals and visitors can “vote” for the popularity of your site.

Blogging: Your Blog
Create a blog within your site or use a free blogging service that links back to it. Present your opinions and recommended solutions for your subject. Add comments regularly (daily, weekly or monthly). Besides building an audience of visitors who appreciate your thoughts or advice, you can constantly add backlinks to help in search results or just send readers to your site.


Blogging: Submit to directories
Add your Blog to directories such as and for more exposure. It’s free advertising, just like getting listed in search engines.

Blogging: Post on others’
Find existing blogs that suit your purposes and sign up. Most blogs provide the opportunity to link to your site via your name when you add a comment. Pick a name that includes relevant keywords. Post relevant content and you’re reaching people who may not have found you otherwise. Add comments and links of value!

Don’t just say “Come over and visit my Blog”. Do not spam these sites or you risk having your site delisted.