Website Productivity – Keep your site working hard!

Your business has a website because it’s a cost-effective way to supplement advertising to prospects and to maintain contact with customers.  You’re probably aware that you should include the web address in all marketing material, correspondence, signage, email signatures, and phone directory ads.  You want your site to be more attractive and more user-friendly than the websites of your competition.  You’re happy with the design, structure and maybe even a cool Flash movie.  You’ve added photos and images that reinforce the text.  But once the site is online, it can be all too easy to neglect a key ingredient—your content!


The site may have contained informative and relevant information when it was built, but is it still current and correct?  It can cost very little time or money to ensure that your website continues to do it’s best to help your business thrive.  And if you don’t put that small effort in, visitors can be quickly “turned off” by faulty or outdated information.  It’s always there for you, 24/7.  Treat it as a cornerstone of your business.