Get a Great Domain Name

Finding the best domain name (web address) can help you achieve higher search engine ranking.

Use search terms in domain name
When the internet was in it’s infancy, everyone scrambled for the shortest possible web addresses.  This works well when your name is “IBM” but can get tricky if your name is “Peoria Day Nursery and Children’s Center Preschool”.  Abbreviations can work well if they are logical, but for search engine purposes, “” is not helpful since it doesn’t include words that people would search for such as nursery, children, preschool, daycare, etc. 

Keywords included in web addresses carry considerable weight with search engines.  They figure that if the word “school” is part of a web address, then that site would likely be of interest to a web surfer doing a search including the word “school”.  So if the name of your organization is “ABC company” and you sell shoes and boots, for SEO purposes, instead of you’d be better off with or  Adding dashes (-) to separate words does not necessarily help, and it could confuse people. 

While it is always proper to use the company name as the domain, if your site has a particular geographic focus, including it can give a significant boost in rank.  Using your location as part of the URL helps you show up when visitors key in the city or state they are interested in.  “” tells us your company name, what you sell and where you are.

Many organizations purchase several domain names, to prevent their competition from using similar ones to try to confuse people into visiting the wrong website.
At around $10 per year for each name, purchasing a few could be inexpensive insurance.  ABC may go with,,, and have each of those domains forward to the official web address so visitors would end up at the same destination regardless of which of the above they punched in.
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