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Website Input Form

Please complete the following form to the best of your ability to help me get your site underway.
Start with information for your home page and then complete the form again (section 2 only) for each additional page of your website.

Section 1: General

Company name (or your full name):    
Current email address   (required):      
Website address   existing domain & name of host or top several choices such as
Target audience / main goal of website:    
Describe your company in 10-25 words. (1-2 sentences):
Competitor Web addresses (and any comments):
Requested style/flavor of site? Requested colors? Will you submit a logo?
Light background with dark text or dark background with light text?
I expect my site to include pages.

I need the following pages (please check all that apply):

About Us
News / Upcoming Events
Product/Service List
Product/Service Details
Portfolio of completed projects

Shopping Cart / eCommerce
Contact Form
Policies (Privacy, Shipping, etc)

List each of the above selected pages that you would like to be able to update regularly:
List brief names of other needed pages, for example: Company Background
Email addresses needed (Include total number and complete list)

Section 2: Specific page

Page/area of site:

Page description 15-20 word summary of page
Page keywords 15-20 keywords/phrases your visitors would search for
Page images (name or description) 1-3 main photos or graphics to include
Other Page comments goals of page, links, should content change often?

Actual Page Content
Email one or more paragraphs of text to appear on the page (in body of message or as attachment) noting the page name in the subject line. Here are some helpful guidelines:

  • Make it quality; be concise – lots of subheadings, short paragraphs
  • What information do visitors want? Make them want to contact you
  • Bullet points are good!
  • What separates you from the competition?
  • Keep the goal of the site and that particular page in mind (how can viewers benefit)
  • Use terminology appropriate to target audience, but keep it readable and “skimmable”
  • Appropriate graphics (logo, photos, etc.) will help convey and strengthen your message
  • Keep it accurate! Invite email or phone correspondence.
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